Friday, May 3, 2013

Getting Ready For Baby

So it is now May 3 and after about 5pm today I will officially no longer be a student. Which is a weird feeling for someone who has pretty much gone to school for the past 14 years without stopping (a story for another day).
Today I paid to have my regalia mailed to me to take stress off me trying to locate someone when I get to Lubbock in a few weeks. We are going to be at my graduation May 21 and it's definitely going to be an interesting event. It will be Jack's first road trip and I will be walking across the stage about 20 weeks pregnant.
After graduation, I have my certification test to study for (coming up in July) and some fun events (concerts) to look forward to in June so it will be a busy few months until October when the baby comes. Since we found out we are having a boy, we have been trying to teach Jack the baby's name which he is getting but he is still adamant that Carson will be sleeping on the wall where he belongs and not in Jack's bed so that should be interesting.
We woke up this morning to almost December like temperatures so it's not making me feel very inspired to do much of anything besides sit in my jammies and think about my to-do list. Tomorrow, we get to go to the first day at our local farmer's market for the season which is always a fun time for us. I will take pics of the goodies if I can and share my love of all things local and organic. I am really looking forward to making some things around the house that I have seen on blogs I like, my first to do I think is going to be some all natural/organic sour gummy stars so I'm excited!
Here's to the weekend-

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