Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting ready for boy #2

Well since I last blogged, a lot has happened. We went on the Lubbock trip and Jack handled it all like a pro. But today, I wanted to talk about some other things-

First of all, as word spreads that we are having (another) boy. I have encountered a variety of responses. Most have been positive particularly from other moms of boys. Some have been negative, "so you'll have to have 3 now to get your girl". I get it. Moms want to have daughters, dads want sons but seriously, now is not the time to be discussing "trying again" like you didn't get it right the first time.

On another note, started the long overdue act of clearing out Jack's old clothes. When we found out baby 2 was coming, this process was actually slowed down as we didn't know what we were having and didn't want to give away clothes we needed if it was another boy.

Clearing out the clothes to save for the new baby was an interesting feeling. It was bittersweet as it made me realize I truly didn't have a baby anymore but I had a little boy. I think Jack was feeling it too as he was trying to get his clothes back, particularly those with Thomas or Mickey. The bright spot was that those clothes would be worn again but by a new baby which made me excited to meet this little one. This newest one better watch out though! Since this one will be the last baby (our current plan) I will probably be sobbing when the clearing out process starts.

My question to y'all, particularly those with multiple boys- how did you handle the negative responses to having another boy?


  1. LOL, yeah it is sad when your last baby is not a baby anymore... I cried like a baby at Tyler's kinder graduation!

  2. Oh, and I take those comments in stride about having another boy! Like I said, it is a wild and crazy ride. There is never a dull moment and as much as I would like a girl I am not sure I could handle one. God gave me boys for a reason, I guess he could surprise me with a girl (but I sure hope not)!